Support a child and his mother with

long distance adoption

Our association started working in the villages of Burkina Faso in 2005, but after a while, because of numerous requests, has also started a long distance adoption programme in the capital Ouagadougou.

We address the needs of children and their mothers, concentrating on health, education, nutrition etc. There is no free health care in Burkina.

Most of the children are not immunised, free vaccines against the annual meningitis are sparse to non existent. Education for primary schools is free but books and other materials are not, impeding many children from having an education. That is why Fitil has decided to support children in the city, with single mothers.


Adoption is officially for one year, the fee can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. At the end of each year the adoption is tacitly renewed for another year. We ask for 30 euros per month (1 euro per day)  $38.70 U.S, 25.80 pounds sterling (We are working in the U.S and the U.K. towards making donations tax deductable). The monthly payment is broken down in the following way: 55% for the children 30% for the Mother (if needed) 15% administrative expenses. The money is always given out for specific requests, upon the receipt of money spent or a budget of money to be spent. If the entire amount is not needed for that month the rest is kept in an account for future needs. The children and their mothers are closely followed by our Burkinabé colleagues.

By adopting a child you are changing not only the life of a child but that of his or her mother… of an entire family… and surely it will change your life as well.

Watching your child grow and develop through letters, photos, drawings, family reports and exchanging views: knowing that these changes are in many ways thanks to you, cannot help but bring enrichment. You can get in touch with Fitil with any questions at any time. And as the life of a child is so dependant on his or her mother, in cases of need, we make available up to 30% of the sponsorship money to the mother for example to complete a course in tailoring which would add to the family income or to provide for medical expenses.


Please specify "adoption" and the child code given by us. Though we strongly urge you not to give up an adoption, if for any reason you feel you cannot continue, Fitil asks that you give us 60 days warning in advance for any revoked adoption. This is to ensure a continuity for the child.

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