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  Artists for Fitil

The second event of the project

An exhibition organized to support Fitil's projects in Burkina Faso, to which 40 artists have participated donating one of their works.

The complet list of artists and their works is in the catalogue published for the occasion here.

A project initiated ten years ago and proposed again from February 20 to March 5, 2018 in Rome's Art Gallery Sala 1


Glamour Burkinabè

by Angela Rosati and Enrico Pergolini

A documentary on Fespaco 2007, one of Africa’s leading cinema festivals, which takes place every two years in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. A conversation with Burkinabé director Gaston Kaboré provides a running link, accompanying the most telling images of key places, protagonists, events and trailers of competing films. But Fespaco is not just cinema. During the festival, Ouagadougou becomes the world capital of the best of African glamour, hosting artistic events, special evenings, fashion shows and concerts every night. It’s an on-going party, which opens and closes in the stadium before a crowd of nearly 40,000 people. For those who can’t afford tickets, itinerant street cinema, the event’s other leading protagonist, steps in to fill the gap. Images of the festival alternate with views of the savannah and the images of the first ever film screening in the village of Sakouli, where Associazione Fitil works. Glamour Burkinabè has been screened in various festivals, among which Everglades in South Africa (second price for Best African Documentary), Golden Lion in Zimbabwe, Filmstock in Luton, UK, Panafricana at Villa Medici in Rome; Informazione Disinformazione at Casa della Pace, Milan. /disinformazione_programma.pdf

Galleria Acta International curated by Manuela De Leonardis

Martin Parr, Piergiorgio Branzi, Leonard Freed, Tina Modotti, Matteo Basilé, Eliot Erwitt… are among the artists of whom Giovanna Pennacchi, founder and director of Acta International, has kept invitations, flyers and brochures of international exhibitions.

Hundreds of pieces which traverse contemporary art will covered the walls of the gallery and through their sale, will support a project of Associazione Fitil Onlus.


  Winigri, accendi il fuoco della conoscenza collective exhition,   Galleria Ercoli, Roma 15 September - 25 October 2010

Organized by Manuela de Leonardis e Giusy Lauriola, with the participation of 24 contemporary artists, who have donated a piece to help funding Fitil's Literacy project in 4 villages of Burkina Faso. The artists: Stefano Altieri, dan.rec, Claudio Di Carlo, Isabella Ducrot, Pablo Echaurren, Marco Ercoli, Giosetta Fioroni, Ian Grainger, Itto, Giusy Lauriola, Emilio Leofreddi, Maimuna (Maimuna Feroze-Nana), Leonetta Marcotulli, Federico Mazzoni, Sandro Mele, Patrizia Molinari, Elisa Montessori, Daniela Papadia, Eddie Peake, Virginia Ryan, Jack Sal, Paolo W. Tamburella, Tarshito, Tsuchida Yasuhiko.

You can download here the catalogue of the exhibition to view the works still available for sale



  Dov’è andato il cielo Galleria Sala 1

Roma 11 ottobre 2008

Curator Manuela De Leonardis and artist Giusy Lauriola, in collaboration with gallery director Mary Angela Schroth, organized an auction to help funding Fitil's projects. 40 artists donated one of their works: Marco Bernardi, Alessandro Bulgini, Desideria Burgio, Priscilla Burke, Roberto Cavallini, Alberta Cuccia, Marco Delogu, Baldo Diodato, Emilio d’Itri, Patrizio Di Sciullo, Simona Filippini, Ruza Gagulic, Zazie Gnecchi Ruscone, Rosanna Granata, Gianfranco Grosso, Fathi Hassan, Reiko Hiramatsu, ITTO, Giusy Lauriola, Emilio Leofreddi, Carole Le Pers, Giuliano Lombardo, Bertina Lopes, Dafne Lopiano, Sandro Mele, Elisa Montessori, Antonella Monzoni, Franco Ottavianelli, Andrea Papi, Giordano Pariti, Renata Romagnoli, Claudia Romiti, Andrew Rutt, Samagra (Anna Maria Colucci), Maia Sambonet, Mary Serpico Lay, Silvia Stucky, Sahoko Takahashi, Yosuke Taki, Tarshito, Tito.



For Bettie

Sandro Mele's personal exhibit

For Bettie was the brain child of Sandro Mele. It is the encounter of contemporary artistic expression, which represents in its diversity, the positive atmosphere created by the figure of Bettie Petith. Her home in Rome’s historical centre is always inhabited by people who can’t afford their own place, artists, students, political refugees, from everywhere, each with a story to tell. But Bettie’s vision goes beyond, to those who are even more in need and vulnerable. After years of professional experience in Africa and Latin America, where she worked with various non profit organisations, in 2005 she decided to form an organisation with some friends. In order to help raise funds for Associazione Fitil, artist Sandro Mele came up with the idea of producing a DVD in the context of his exhibition For Bettie. It is a multimedia work, to which several artists contributed with original pieces. The DVD was distributed in exchange for donations for Fitil. In the Venetian gallery, Totem Il Canale, Sandro Mele exhibited the works realized by photographing people around the dining table in Bettie’s house. The pictures were accompanied by a video with an interview of Bettie, who relates how the association was born (shot and edited by Sam Cole, with the music of Tonj Acquaviva).

Artists who contributed to the CD: Matthew Garrison, Roberta Garrison, Joy Garrison, Giuliano Lombardo, Sam Cole, Foly du Burkina, Minimono, David Cossin, Tonj Acquaviva and Rosie Wiederkehr (Welt Labyrinth), Mario Crispi, Andre's Arce Maldonado.

Texts by Manuela De Leonardis, Sebastiano Vitale, Raffaella Guidobono, Alessandra Pomarico, Pietro Roccasecca


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