Libraries and Community Centers


In 2014, Bako Bazoin and I met for the first time with the parents of our sponsored students of KORDIE. In the course of the conversation, it was suggested that the parents build a COMMUNITY CENTRE on the land given us by Le CHEF de TERRE (The commune's animist religious leader). Of course we welcomed this wonderful idea and discussed it farther. The parents would make the bricks and construct the building and FITIL/ACLEM would provide the roof, door and windows. It was a wonderful and innovative idea, as there are no other such iniciatives in the region.

Ideas are one thing...real life another!.. and it took sometime for the idea of a community centre to become a reality. When work finally began, the commune of Samba, hearing about this, was not to be left behind, finding land and building a centre as well.



FITIL/ACLEM has added a library to each centre and is stocking it with books, largely from the suggestions of both students and teachers.. Requests for books ranging from the French philosophers such as Montaigne to the latest African and Burkinabé writers and thinkers. Each library will have a librarian

Enthusiam is high!

Many activities will take place in the Centres. Meetings of the community, cultural events: films, talks etc.. courses in art, dance etc are planned. Run by a committe with ACLEM as consultant, we look forward to many ideas andn an enriching experience for the entire communities.

The grand openings of both centres will take place in October, 2018!



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