Sponsor a student with a 4-year scholarship

We feel strongly that education of the children is of fundamental importance in the life of rural communities.

The villages we work in have primary schools and thanks to a school lunch program initiated by Fitil, the number of students has largely increased. However, for most of the students five years of school is the end of their formal education as their parents are unable to pay the fees of the middle school.

In 2009 Fitil initiated a scholarship program to allow children from primary schools to continue their studies in the middle school for 4 years. The programme favours girls so as to give them a needed opportunity and to avoid early marriages. Every year, primary school teachers, together with Fitil's coordinator in Burkina Faso, select the most deserving students.



This is Bibata Djiguemde, one of the 80 students that Fitil supports with scholarships for 4 years of middle school.

Without this support, Bibata and many other children would risk leaving school after only 5 years of primary school. Bibata's father is a farmer with 4 wives, his mother is his second wife and Bibata is the first of his two children.

Individual donors help individual students complete the 4 years of middle school, allowing boys and girls as a drink to choose their own future. When Bibata finished elementary school, her family would not have been able to pay the fee to continue their studies. The result would have been a life without choice, maybe with an early marriage (around the age of 14) or an existence spent helping the mother and the family like from tradition. Bibata was a promising schoolgirl and her teacher proposed her for the Fitil sponsorship program, that in addition to the fee, covers the costs of uniform and school materials. The coordinator of Fitil, a member of the ACLEM Association, supervises the program by guaranteeing the correct functioning and working closely with the beneficiaries and their families. Parents have welcomed the initiative with great enthusiasm, so much to offer to build materially the two community centers in which Fitil is starting initiatives aimed at training and aggregation. Bibata went very well at school: it turned out to be the third in a class of 85 students ... A nice goal, right? Clear that not all students are doing so well. To those who lose the year, Fitil offers the possibility to repeat it only one time. We must also consider that the conditions of study are unfortunately rather harsh: overcrowded classes that count up to 100 students, long distances to walk, lack of electricity to study in the evening ...

After supporting 80 students in the villages of Sakouli, Goagba, Tangseghin and Kouka, in the Kourweogo province, our programme has moved to other communities in Kordié, a district formed by 16 villages in the province of Sanguié, and in Samba, a district formed by 26 villages in the province of Passoré. In the current school-year 2014-2015, the number of supported students reached 53 and we hope it will keep growing thanks to the generosity of our donors.

The cost of sending a child to the middle school is 85 euros per year.

Of course we would like for the entire 4 years to be guaranteed by a donor, but we understand that this may not be possible. We will send each of you the name, a photograph of your student, and of course the school results. Each student is allowed to repeat one year before being dropped from the program.

We are looking at various means to reach this goal and are open to proposals. We are contacting individuals, schools and other organisations to promote this education programme. Please contact us at   fitil_bf@yahoo.it


please specify: Scholarship for one student, or more, and the school year.

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